Pier 13 (1940)


Pier 13 is a remake of the delightful Spencer Tracy-Joan Bennett vehicle Me and My Gal, which itself was a reworking of a 1922 silent picture. Wisecracking cop Danny Dolan (Lloyd Nolan) takes a liking to self-reliant waterfront waitress Sally Kelly (Lynn Bari), and the feeling is definitely mutual. But when Sally begins behaving strangely, Dolan suspects that she’s mixed up with notorious criminal Johnnie Hale.

Director: Eugene Forde.
Writers: Harry Connors & Philip Klein (story), Stanley Rauh & Clark Andrews (screenplay).
Stars: Lloyd Nolan, Lynn Bari, Joan Valerie, Douglas Fowley, Chick Chandler, Adrian Morris, Louis Jean Heydt, Frank Orth, Charles D. Brown.


Low quality, uploading it mostly to fill a request. Many thanks to John for sending me a copy of this movie. This is the same copy that some bootleg sellers will sell you on different sites for $15+, yep, shameless people, now you can all have it for free thanks to John. Enjoy! Btw if anyone out there has a better looking copy please contact me, always happy to trade for other items from my collection. Thank you!

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