Loyal Heart (1946)


This heartwarming British drama is based on Beth the Sheepdog, a novel by Ernest Lewis. Beth is played, quite well indeed, by a magnificent animal named Fleet. The story concerns the efforts of various interested human parties to enter Beth in the All-England Dog Championship. When a farmer is unsuccessful in his efforts to purchase Beth for his own, he spitefully accuses the dog’s owner of sheep stealing. After this mess is straightened out, the plot segues into the Championship, and it is at this point that the film finally comes to life.

Director: Oswald Mitchell.
Writers: Ernest Lewis (novel), (screenplay), George A. Cooper (additional dialogue and scenes).
Stars: Percy Marmont, Harry Welchman, Patricia Marmont, Philip Kay, Eleanor Hallam, Beckett Bould, Valentine Dunn, Cameron Hall, Alexander Field, James Knight.


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  1. Alexandra Delevich
    September 10, 2022

    I love these films…Ty, so much,

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