Jump for Glory (1937) AKA When Thief Meets Thief


Rick Morgan, an American involved in the bootlegging trade, is forced to relocate to Britain where he becomes one of the top cat burglars in London. One night while breaking into a house he runs into the daughter of its occupant Glory Fane and they soon fall in love. However, one of Morgan’s old associates from the United States, now masquerading as a respectable member of British society, threatens to wreck his chances of going straight and finding happiness with Glory.

Director: Raoul Walsh. AKA When Thief Meets Thief.
Writers: Gordon McDonnell (novel), Harold French, John Meehan Jr.
Stars: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Valerie Hobson, Alan Hale, Jack Melford, Anthony Ireland, Barbara Everest, Edward Rigby, Esme Percy, Basil Radford, Leo Genn, Ian Fleming, Frank Birch, Roland Culver, Fred Duprez, Henry B. Longhurst, Winifred Oughton, Cecil Bevan, Joan Connor, Mary Kerridge, Hindle Edgar, Herbert Cameron, Dorothy Oldfield, George Mozart, Anita Sharp-Bolster.


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