Doktor Glas (1968) AKA Dr. Glas


Doctor Glas is told in the form of a journal. The main character is Dr. Glas, a physician. The antagonist is Reverend Gregorius, a morally corrupt clergyman. Gregorius’ beautiful young wife confides in Dr. Glas that her sex life is making her miserable and asks for his help. Glas, in love with her, agrees to help even though she already has another adulterous lover. He attempts to intervene, but the Reverend refuses to give up his “marital rights”- she must have sex with him whether she likes it or not (at the time, a wife was legally the property of her husband, and subsequently had no right to say no). So, in order to make his love happy, he begins to plot her husband’s murder. 

Director: Mai Zetterling. AKA Dr. Glas.
Writers: Hjalmar Söderberg (novel), David Hughes, Mai Zetterling.
Stars: Per Oscarsson, Lone Hertz, Ulf Palme, Bente Dessau, Nils Eklund, Lars Lunøe, Bendt Rothe, Helle Hertz, Ingolf David, Jonas Bergström.


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    June 23, 2022

    Thank you, Jon, for giving us the chance to see another entry in Mai Zetterling’s directorial work. I’ve always been interested in what she made and its distinctive viewpoint.

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