Une infinie tendresse (1969/72) AKA An Infinite Tenderness


French documentary on the world of a brain-damaged, physically-handicapped child confined to a wheel chair, unable to speak but trying desperately to communicate with his nurse and the other children in the hospital. It chronicles his friendship with another youngster even more crippled than himself, their joy in being together, their little spats and, finally, the termination of their friendship by death. Directed by Pierre Jallaud, it is a remarkable achievement, treating its subject creatively yet with complete integrity. There is no commentary, no dialogue, only the natural sounds of the children and their environment.

Director: Pierre Jallaud. AKA An Infinite Tenderness
Stars: José Guerra, Jeanne Lenox, Jean Christophe, Naëlle France, Serge Rachevsky.

1972 Chicago International Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo for Best Feature.


Many thanks to Jean for the translation of the opening text.

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  1. v. y
    February 24, 2024

    i… have no words. this is beautiful and it’s cruel, and it’s so human. fuck, man.

  2. Sue
    April 12, 2024

    Beautiful and heart wrenching. Humanity at its best. God bless the caregivers and those now angels.

  3. baldrick
    April 12, 2024

    very glad i found this film. not certain i want back what seems certainly lost having watched it.
    still not sure what i lost,

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