The Man Inside (1958)


An English bookkeeper who works for a jeweler steals a priceless jewel, and kills a man in the process. He flees to the continent, where he embarks on the life of his dreams; spending lavishly and pursuing women. A detective tracking him soon discovers he’s not the only one searching for him, and begins to suspect there’s more to the case than just an ordinary jewel theft.

Director: John Gilling.
Writers: David Shaw (screenplay), M.E. Chaber (based on the novel ‘The Man Inside’), John Gilling (uncredited), Richard Maibaum (uncredited).
Stars: Jack Palance, Anita Ekberg, Nigel Patrick, Anthony Newley, Bonar Colleano, Sean Kelly, Sidney James, Donald Pleasence, Eric Pohlmann, Josephine Brown, Gerard Heinz, Alec Mango, Anne Aubrey, Alfred Burke, Bill Shine, Joan Ingram, Naomi Chance, Mark Baker, Alex Gallier, Walter Gotell, Richard Golding, Maxwell Shaw.


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