Smithy (1946) AKA Pacific Adventure


Affectionately known as “Smithy”, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith astonished the world in 1928 with his pioneering Trans Pacific flight from America to Australia. He went on to establish Australian National Airways and set many air distance and endurance records. Director Ken G. Hall’s last feature film is a gripping and inspiring tribute to a national hero and his fellow pioneers. Contributing to the stunning aerial shots, Smithy’s famous plane, the Southern Cross, appears in what was to be its last flight. Released in 1946, the film was a smash hit and achieved worldwide recognition.

Director: Ken G. Hall. AKA Pacific Adventure
Writers: Max Afford , Alec Coppel, Ken G. Hall.
Stars: Ron Randell, Muriel Steinbeck, John Tate, Joy Nichols, Nan Taylor, John Dunne, Alec Kellaway, John Dease, Marshall Crosby, Edward Smith, Alan Herbert, John Fleeting, Joe Valli, C.J. Montgomery Jackson, Gundy Hill, Billy Hughes, P.G. Taylor, John Stannage.

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    May 3, 2024

    Film is great but this webiste if fucked ….. NO FILE

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