Foster & Laurie (1975)


In flashback, the film traces the law-enforcement careers of African American Gregory Foster and Italian American Rocco Laurie. Friends as well as partners, Foster and Laurie endeavor to improve community relations in their crime-ridden Lower East Side precinct–which results in their being murdered by three militant extremists, who hope to intimidate the rest of the force (at the time the film was made, this motivation for the crime was still pure speculation). The killings have the opposite effect, as the rest of department rallies against its enemies, inspired by the memory of their fallen comrades. Foster and Laurie was based on the book by Al Silverman.

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey. Foster and. Laurie
Writers: Albert Ruben (teleplay), Al Silverman (book).
Stars: Perry King, Dorian Harewood, Talia Shire, Jonelle Allen, Roger Aaron Brown, Victor Campos, René Enríquez, Charles Haid, Eric Laneuville, Owen Pace, David Proval, Wallace Rooney, Edward Walsh, James Woods.


Note: Pretty rare TV movie, I think this one hasn’t been released on DVD anywhere, not even on VHS, quality is not very good but still watchable, if anyone out there has a better copy of this one please email me (, always more than happy to trade with other fellow collectors, I know good copies of early to mid ’70s films are hard to find since we’re talking early VHS days and probably most homes didn’t have a VCR until early ’80s but I want to believe there is a better copy of this film out there.

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