The Return of Spinal Tap (1992) Originally released as "A Spinal Tap Reunion: The 25th Anniversary London Sell-Out".


They’re back, and they’re one louder. Spinal Tap return with this feature-length ‘rockumentary’, in which the band members – Nigel Tufnel, David St Hubbins and Derek Smalls – reveal where they are now, and take us back to where it all began; Squatney, London. Also on hand are familiar faces from the band’s past, Marty Di Bergi, Artie Fufkin and Jeanine, founder and owner of itchy Irish clothing shop Potato Republic.

Director: Jim Di Bergi.
Writers: Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest.
Stars: Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, June Chadwick, Bob Geldof, Graham Nash, Rob Reiner, Kenny Rogers, Paul Shaffer, Martin Short, Mel Tormé, Fred Willard, Danny Woodburn.


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    • Vidor
      March 21, 2022

      I read somewhere once that Guest and company have to appear as Spinal Tap every so often to retain the rights.

  1. Harold Acton
    December 17, 2023

    The fist movie is in the top ten. This is rubbish. There are no sequels to masterpieces..

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