The Daredevil (1972)


Ace daredevil driver Paul Tunney’s fortunes change after he is blamed for the death of another stunt driver. Forced to earn a living by delivering narcotics between States, he is set up by the dead driver’s sister seeking revenge and a small time sheriff wanting to repay a debt from many years ago. Action, excitement, spectacular stunts and death defying driving.. it’s all in The Daredevil.

Director: Robert W. Stringer.
Writer: Robert Walsh.
Stars: George Montgomery, Terry Moore, Gay Perkins, Cyril Poitier, Bill Kelly, Frank Logan, Wayne Murray, Mark Harris, Noah Meeks, Ben Rossi, Patricia Rainier, Milt Robbins, Gordon Solie, Dan Fleenor, Ward Hall, Judy Bishoff, Jose Grinan, Taft Spence, Jack Perkins, Lois Lee, The Brooklyn Bridge, Johnny Maestro.


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