Shimmer (1993) American Playhouse


Spacy Callahan has two problems. In the first place, he’s a young teen, which is difficult enough. In the second place, he has been placed “for his own good” in an Iowa juvenile facility which has more than a passing resemblance to a military prison. If a boy breaks one of the innumerable rules of the place, they get placed in a situation where the will probably be sexually molested by their jailer Mr. Kibby, while he quotes Bible verses at them. He has a friend, though, a boy named Gary and together they make the best of things. That is, until it becomes clear that a clueless young inmate could make things really difficult for them – really difficult. 

Director: John Hanson.
Writer: John O’Keefe.
Stars: Marcus Klemp, Elijah James Shepard, Mary Beth Hurt, Tom Bower, Clem Tucker Jr., Patrick LaBrecque, Jake Busey, Michael Hyland, Robert Breuler, Mary Forcade, Benjamin Salisbury, William Francis McGuire, Jason Briner Bleadorn, Michael Wilson, Gregory Vignolle, Ben Cavara, Steve Pettinger, Robert Ernst, Dan Kriegel, John O’Keefe, Fred Nelson, Angel West.


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  1. April 10, 2022

    I have been looking for this for years! Thank you!

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