Devil on Horseback (1954)


Real-life husband and wife John McCallum and Googie Withers top the cast of Devil on Horseback. A racetrack drama, the film centers on the activities of natural-born jockey Moppy Parfitt. As he gains prominence on the track, Moppy becomes insufferably egotistical. His “win at all costs” policy ultimately results in the unecessary death of a horse. Much to the delight of horse owner Charles Roberts and trainer Mrs. Cadell. Moppy finally learns that there’s something more to being a jockey than just talent. 

Director: Cyril Frankel.
Writers: James Curtis, Geoffrey Orme, Neil Patterson (screenplay), Montagu Slater (screenplay).
Stars: Googie Withers, John McCallum, Jeremy Spenser, Liam Redmond, Meredith Edwards, Sam Kydd, Vic Wise, George Rose, Harry Locke, Peter Swanwick, Betty Hardy, Frederick Piper, Eric Francis, Brian Oulton, Roger Maxwell, Tom Walls Jr., Bill Shine, Tony Sympson, Dudley Jones, Lucy Griffiths, Malcolm Knight, Peter Lindsay.


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