Chasing Dreams (1982)


Gavin, a farm boy from a small town, has reached a turning point in his life. Follow in the footsteps of his older brother, as a professional baseball player, or continue on his parents’ farm where his help is essential. His little brother Ben, who is crippled, idealizes him and gives him morale in the face of the pressures of the farm and college. One fine day during practice he is given a chance to hit and he hits the ball out of the field…

Directors: Therese Conte, Sean Roche.
Writers: David G. Brown, Therese Conte, Kevin Kilroy, Sean Roche.
Stars: David G. Brown, John Fife, Jim Shane, Claudia Carroll, Matt Clark, Cecilea Bennett, Kelly McCarthy, Lisa Kingston, Don Margolin, Marc Brandes, Dan Waldman, Kevin Costner, Henry Dunn, Sean Collins, Ken Straus, Terence O’Malley, Arthur Tonna Jr., David D’Arnal, David Christopher, Elliot Tonna, Martin Katz, Brian Bird, Charles Craig, Jim Birge, Jan Rabson, Joey Benson, Patrick Cameron, Doug Cronin, Marilyn Korones, Janet Levy, Chuck Himber, Michael Downing, Simon Barron, Robert Morrison, Marv Tobias, Gery Munn, Tim Robinson, David Strollery, Mitzi Strollery, Craig Hammill, Darryl Stroh, Bill Cassese.


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