The Slow Business of Going (2000)


Petra Going is a migrant cyborg, an agent of the Global Nomad Project: an international “Experience Data Agency” which sends hundreds of “receivers” like her to wander the globe and record a succession of random encounters. Periodically, they return to agency headquarters where they deposit their accumulated memories into an archive. This archive is available to users who then vicariously and virtually inhabit the ready-made landscapes of touristic consciousness. The motto of the GNP: “Nostalgia For Rent.”

Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari.
Writers: Athina Rachel Tsangari, Daniel Aukin, Jim Davis, Matthew Johnson, Mike Martin, Lizzie Curry Martinez, Steve Moore, Tasca Shadix, Kenny Strickland.
Stars: Lizzie Curry Martinez, Maria Tsantsanoglou, Gary Price, Kenny Strickland, Daniel Aukin, Sandra Carter, Mike Martin, Lauryn Pithey-Petrie, Steve Moore.


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  1. MGG
    November 23, 2023

    What an annoying movie. Pretentious and stupid more than anything. It’s probably unfair to dunk on it, there’s obviously lots of work and love put into it, and it does work, at least it starts pretty well, but falls into stupidity not long after the initial good impression.

    Boring and pretentious. I guess there’s good work on it. But it’s ultimately crap.

  2. Karla
    November 27, 2023

    thank you for this! honestly I didn’t expect too much but I was fascinated by the story and the editing, beautiful film by Tsangari and great acting by Lizzie Martinez,

  3. Luciana
    January 29, 2024


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