Heart of a Child (1958)


Karl is a young Austrian boy growing up in the Tyrol. His authoritarian father is too busy to pay him much attention, and his mother is preoccupied with caring for her other children. Karl seeks the companionship of Rudi, his dog, but when a trader from the black market offers to buy Rudi, Karl’s father agrees. Hearing the news, Karl is horrified and decides to hide the dog. A compelling study of the warmth of youth and the deep-rooted need for love in many adults.

Director: Clive Donner.
Writers: Phyllis Bottome (novel), Leigh Vance.
Stars: Jean Anderson, Donald Pleasence, Richard Williams, Maureen Pryor, Norman MacOwan, John Glyn-Jones, Willoughby Goddard, Andrew Keir, John Boxer, Carla Challoner, Raymond Adamson, Charles Gray, Philip Locke, Lee Montague, Tina Robinson Hansen, John Liddell, Polly Clarke, Marian Berry-Hart.


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