Gibel Otrara (1991) [Uncut] AKA The Fall of Otrar


Four arduous years in the making, Ardak Amirkulov’s 1990 historical epic about the intrigue and turmoil preceding Genghis Khan’s systematic destruction of the lost East Asian civilization of Otrar is a one-of-a-kind experience. Amirkulov’s film, shot in sepia-toned black-and-white, is at once hallucinatory, visually resplendent, and ferociously energetic, packed with eye-catching (and gouging) detail and B-movie fervor, and traversing an endless variety of parched, epic landscapes and ornate palaces.

Director: Ardak Amirkulov.
Writers: Aleksey German, Svetlana Karmalita,
Stars: Dokhdurbek Kydyraliyev, Tungyshpai Zhamankulov, Bolot Beyshenaliev, Abdurashid Makhsudov, Zaur Zekhov, Kasym Zhakibayev.


Note: This is the original, uncut 171 minutes version in original Mongolian/Kazakh language without Russian voiceover.

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  1. Stephen
    November 5, 2022

    So glad I found this! I’ve been trying to watch as much Aleksey German stuff as I can find, and I happened to hear about this film on a podcast about Hard To Be a God. I can barely find anything about it in English, and what I have found is the Russian dub. No idea how you tracked this down but thanks for your hard work!

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