Blade (1973)


Dependable character actor John Marley is afforded a rare starring role in Blade. Marley plays the title character, a world-weary private eye currently working on a murder case as a favor for a friend. The victim was the daughter of prominent conservative politico William Prince, whom Blade “knew when.” While hunting for clues, Blade is bombarded by one disillusionment after another. The prime suspect turns out to be someone very, very close to Prince-who may have thought that, by eliminating his daughter, he was doing Prince an enormous favor.

Director: Ernest Pintoff.
Writers: Jeff Lieberman, Ernest Pintoff.
Stars: John Marley, Jon Cypher, Kathryn Walker, William Prince, Michael McGuire, Joe Santos, John Schuck, Peter White, Keene Curtis, Karen Machon, Raina Barrett, Ted Lange, Marshall Efron, Arthur French, Steve Landesberg, James Cook, Jeanne Lange, Frederick Rolf, Michael Pendry, Vince Cannon, Hugh Hurd, Eddie Lawrence.


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