Angelo My Love (1983)


Angelo My Love is a semidocumentary study of gypsy life in New York. Real-life gypsy lad Angelo Evans engagingly plays himself: a charming street hustler and con artist. The son of a fortune teller, Angelo is the one truly blessed with a “sixth sense”-about himself, his family and his future. Personally financed by Robert Duvall (whose brothers appear in one delightful sequence), Angelo My Love is a mesmerizing glimpse at a lifestyle often misunderstood and misrepresented by the American mainstream.

Director: Robert Duvall.
Writer: Robert Duvall.
Stars: Angelo Evans, Michael Evans, Ruthie Evans, Tony Evans, Debbie Evans, Steve Tsigonoff, Millie Tsigonoff, Frankie Williams, George Nicholas, Katerina Ribraka, Timothy Phillips, Lachlan Youngs, Jennifer Youngs, Louis Garcia, Margaret Millan Gonzalez, Jan Kitchen, Debbie Ristick, William Duvall, John Duvall, Nick Costello, Diana Costello, Johnny Ristick, Yelka Ristick, John Williams, Robert Poletick.

Robert Duvall & Steve Tsigonoff talking about the film on Letterman (1983):


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