La otra (1946) AKA The Other One


At a Christmas party, María Méndez learns that Magdalena, her twin sister, has a comfortable lifestyle. Maria kills her sister and assumes her identity and lifestyle. However, her life becomes complicated by her late sister’s sleazy boyfriend Fernando, and by Roberto, who loved the “dead” María.

Director: Roberto Gavaldón. AKA The Other One.
Writers: José Revueltas, Roberto Gavaldón, Rian James (story), Jack Wagner (adaptation).
Stars: Dolores del Rio, Agustín Irusta, Víctor Junco, José Baviera, Manuel Dondé, Conchita Carracedo, Carlos Villarías, Rafael Icardo.


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  1. Bertrand
    November 2, 2021

    Very good movie, nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to many hollywood film noir
    And the copy is excellent

  2. Ken
    November 12, 2021

    If you like glossy women’s melodramas from the 40’s and have seen all the major Hollywood ones, this one may hit the spot. Plot is melodramatic but quite compelling. Del Rio has one guilty conscience scene that’s entertainingly over the top telenovela style. Otherwise she commands the screen with effortless elegance. And the whole production has a high gloss sheen. Would have made a great late 40’s Warner Brothers vehicle for Joan Crawford. As a matter of fact, Del Rio’s look in some scenes is styled very much like Crawford’s in “Humoresque”, but “La Otra” came first. It was Bette Davis who remade it in the 60’s (as “Dead Ringer”) but by that time she was a little old to go the drop-dead glamour route so the thing was substantially rewritten.

  3. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 7, 2022

    9,9/10 !

    OMG! One of the very best noir existing, easily amongst the best 20 ever made.

    Astonishing storry, brillant execution, acting, photography, settings … everyting’s perfect! And the story is totally gripping, no letdown anywhere, couldn’t take any pause, that’s how gripping it is.

    And I never heard of it before!

    The masterful director also made MACARIO, another masterpiece (which is even a bit better/more gripping, though that might be hard to believe)!

    MEXICO RULES, that country had an awesome movie “industry” back in those days.

    Will now go pn watching his other effort on this site and hope to find more of his works. He directed over 50 movies!!

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