Coffee, Tea or Me? (1973)


A romantic comedy which takes Alec Guinness’ “The Captain’s Paradise” and changes the gender, with an airline stewardess juggling a crammed romantic life that includes one husband in Los Angeles and another in London.

Director: Norman Panama.
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross, Norman Panama, Albert E. Lewin.
Stars: Karen Valentine, John Davidson, Michael Anderson Jr., Louise Lasser, Lou Jacobi, Erica Hagen, George Coulouris, Nora Marlowe, Kenneth Tobey, James Sikking, Virginia Scott King, Philippa Harris, Marcy Lafferty, Cynthia Harris, Tamara Elliot.


Note: Many thanks to John W. for sending me a copy of this film. Colors are a bit funky on this copy but I think the quality is better than the other copy floating around.

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