Loose Connections (1983)


Having built her own car, dogmatic feminist Sally drives off to Munich, accompanied by mild chauvinist Harry, who fits none of her requirements that her co-driver be vegetarian, gay and German-speaking. As their odyssey turns into a series of disasters, their differences (in class, education and attitudes to sex) flare up and then fizzle out under the benevolent influence of Glenfiddich.

Director: Richard Eyre.
Writers: Margaret Leclere (as Maggie Brooks).
Stars: Lindsay Duncan, Stephen Rea, Keith Allen, Otto Bleidner, Ruth Brück, Robbie Coltrane, Andy de la Tour, Anneliese Dobbertin, Ingrid Domann, Carol Harrison, Ken Jones, Uwe Karsten Koch, Benjamin Krämer, Frances Low, Eberhard Melzer, Jan Niklas, Gary Olsen, David Purcell, Joachim Regelien, Henny Reinheimer, Nevzat Yuceyildez.


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  1. mark cunliffe
    September 24, 2021

    Thank you so much!

  2. margaret leclere
    April 21, 2023

    I am Margaret Leclere and although I was also Margaret Brooks (actress in Our Mother’s House, etc.) I am NOT Maggie Brooks of Loose Connections.
    She is another Maggie Brooks entirely.
    Thank you.

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