Handy Andy (1934)


A small-town druggist is henpecked by his social-climbing wife to sell his pharmacy to a national chain. In addition, she tries to set up her pretty young daughter with the nitwit son of the chain’s owner, even though the girl is in love with the handsome son of the town doctor. Finally the druggist decides he’s had enough and takes matters into his own hands.

Director: David Butler.
Writers: Lewis Beach (play), William M. Conselman, Kubec Glasmon, Henry Johnson.
Stars: Will Rogers, Peggy Wood, Mary Carlisle, Paul Harvey, Frank Melton, Roger Imhof, Robert Taylor, Grace Goodall, Jessie Pringle, Conchita Montenegro, Adrian Rosley, Gregory Gaye, Richard Tucker, Helen Flint.


Note: Quality is poor for this one but it’s still watchable.

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