Baby Face Nelson (1996)


Bonnie and Clyde were no match for Depression Era gangster George “Babyface” Nelson and his moll Helen Womack. Constantly on the lam from the law and from Chicago’s biggest crime lord Al Capone, Babyface and his female accomplice leave a trail of blood and bullets in their path towards making history.

Director: Scott P. Levy.
Writers: Rob Kerchner, Joseph Farruggia, Craig J. Nevius.
Stars: C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Zane, Doug Wert, F. Murray Abraham, Martin Kove, David Parry, Clint Howard, Michael Malota, Kevin Sheridan, Ben Ryan Ganger, Aaron Siefers, Brian Levinson, Leland Orser, Jerry Kernion, Emile Hamaty, Lee McLaughlin, Douglas Fisher, Jack Knight, Paul Landry, Milton Kahn, Steven Swadling, Michael McDonald, Ron Karabatsos, James Staley, Joseph G. Medalis, Tiffany Granath.


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