322 (1969)


The story of a man who finds himself in a hospital with a suspicion of a serious illness. He is rethinking his life so far, and his encounters with close and foreign people also create the image of the society of the 1960s, full of hope and disillusionment. The author raises here the basic problems of human existence, questions of freedom, loneliness, non-communicativeness, the search for the heroes’ own identity and their place in society. 

Director: Dušan Hanák.
Writers: Dusan Hanák, Ján Johanides, Natasa Tanská.
Stars: Václav Lohniský, Lucyna Winnicka, Josef Abrhám, Miroslav Machácek, Frantisek Zvarík, Vladimír Weiser, Emil Horváth St., Viktor Blaho, Jana Svandová, Bozena Sérová, Marta Raslová.


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