Marg Yazdgerd (1982) AKA Death of Yazdgerd


Death of Yazdgerd, is a poetic and political work exploring the cruel and tragic dynamics of a class-based society. War is raging. King Yazdgerd’s body is discovered in a run-down mill in the Iranian desert. Charged with murder, the miller, his wife and his sickly daughter must tell their story to the commanders to escape torture and death. Who killed the King? Was Yazdgerd indeed the revered God-King, or a puny, immoral man caught in the destructive whirlwind of his times?

Director: Bahram Beizai.
Writer: Bahram Beizai.
Stars: Susan Taslimi, Mehdi Hashemi, Mahmoud Behrouzian, Amin Tarokh, Ali Reza Khamseh, Yasaman Arami, Karim Akbari Mobarakeh.


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