Bird of Prey (1995)


As a boy, Dominik watched an American crime boss murder his father, a police officer fighting corruption in Sofia, Bulgaria. Years later, he attempts to avenge his father’s death but is imprisoned for 15 years for attempted murder. In prison, he meets an American photo-journalist who shares his enemy and his thoughts of revenge. Released from prison, the two hatch a plot which involves the man’s recently-arrived daughter.

Director: Temístocles López.
Writers: Boyan Milushev, James J. Mellon, Tracy Adams, Lynette Prucha.
Stars: Jennifer Tilly, Boyan Milushev, Richard Chamberlain, Lenny von Dohlen, Robert Carradine, Lesley Ann Warren, Damian Marinov, Antony Genov, Todory Ankulov, Maxim Genchev, Peter Batchvarov, Dimitrina Savova, Nelli Topalova, Simona Simeonova.


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