Anoop and the Elephant (1972)


Young Anoop, on a school camping trip, unexpectedly ends up adopting a baby elephant from a circus pitched nearby. He and his friends team up with a concerned clown to prevent the pachyderm being sent away with a mean businessman and his silly son, who want to take it abroad. This charmingly old-school circus comedy for kids is full of fast and furious fun.

Director: David Eady.
Writers: Owen Holder & Gerard Bryant (script), Stephen Jenkins (original idea).
Stars: Anoop Singh, Linda Robson, Phil Daniels, Rachel Brennock, Ian Allis, Nicky Sawyer, Julian Orchard, Damaris Hayman, George Roderick, Richie Stewart, Herbert Wroe, Jimmy Edwards, Bella.


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  1. Bernard Belanger
    August 18, 2021

    I loved these CFF films as a kid, even though they aren’t exactly examples of cinema art. Now if you could only find Toto and the Poachers I’d be grateful (there is a clip on youtube) – it is one of the first films I ever saw.

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