A Flash of Green (1984) American Playhouse


Jimmy Wing is a Florida journalist and long-time friend of Elmo Bliss, a local businessman and politician involved in real-estate development. Bliss reveals his ruthless side, threatening Wing when the reporter becomes close to the beautiful wildlife conservationist Kat Hubble, one of a group of ecologists that stands in the way of a new landfill. While Wing clashes with Bliss, his life gets even more complicated as his romance with Hubble progresses.

Director: Victor Nuñez.
Writers: John D. MacDonald (novel), Victor Nuñez.
Stars: Ed Harris, Blair Brown, Richard Jordan, George Coe, Joan Goodfellow, Jean De Baer, Helen Stenborg, William Mooney, Isa Thomas, Bob Murch, John Glover, Joan MacIntosh, Bob L. Harris, Nancy Griggs, Linda Lee Larsen, Michael Doyle, Joe Karioth, Maggie Beistle, Maggie Klekas, Charles Kahlenberg, Phil Hunt, Gregory Jones, Brad Wallace, Margaret Bachus, Gene Densmore.

1985 Sundance Film Festival – Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize (Dramatic).

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