Jane’s House (1994)


Paul Clark and his children are really down-hearted after the death of Jane, Paul’s wife. He falls in love with the business-woman Mary, a former tennis-player. They decide to live together. That appears to be very difficult. Their characters are totally different, and so are their lifestyles. Mary’s continuously reminded of the deceased Jane.

Director: Glenn Jordan.
Writers: Robert Kimmel Smith (novel), Eric Roth (teleplay).
Stars: James Woods, Anne Archer, Missy Crider, Graham Beckel, Diane D’Aquila, Keegan MacIntosh, Barry Bonds, Jeff Irvine, Carrie Cain-Sparks, Eric Keenleyside, Terence Kelly, Fred Henderson, Austin Basile, Debbie Podowski, Donna Yamamoto, Lossen Chambers, Gabrielle Miller, Michael McCormack, Robyn Driscoll.


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