The Comeback Trail (1982)


Two bumbling “producers” are in danger of losing their company because they’re in hock up to their ears. In order to pay off their debts and in the process make some cash for themselves, they get the idea to bring an old cowboy star out of retirement to make a new western, insure him to the hilt, then give him all sorts of dangerous stunts and strenuous activities to do, hoping that the old codger will drop dead and they can collect on the insurance. However, the old codger proves to be a lot more resilient than they thought he was.

Director: Harry Hurwitz.
Writers: Roy Frumkes (story), Harry Hurwitz (story and screenplay), Robert J. Winston (story), Irwin Corey, Chuck McCann, Robert Staats & Henny Youngman (additional material).
Stars: Chuck McCann, Buster Crabbe, Robert Staats, Ina Balin, Jára Kohout, Henny Youngman, Irwin Corey, Hugh Hefner, Joe Franklin, Monti Rock III, Lenny Schultz, Mike Gentry.


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  1. J. Walter Puppybreath
    June 12, 2021

    This is insane. Great stuff!

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