Mr. Headmistress (1998) From Disney's Anthology Series "The Wonderful World of Disney"


MR. HEADMISTRESS is the story of Tucker, a small-time con man who has just been released from jail when he is accosted by two thugs who are intent on collecting a bad debt. The henchmen chase Tucker onto a departing train where he literally bumps into Naomi Bascombe, a renowned educator, initiating the con of his life by assuming her identity. Once at the school, Tucker soon realizes that he is onto the scam of his career when he learns that the school is set to receive a half million dollar donation… if the students’ grades improve.

Director: James Frawley.
Writers: Scott Davis Jones, David Kukoff & Matt Roshkow.
Stars: Harland Williams, Shawna Waldron, Duane Martin, Joel Brooks, Lori Hallier, Lawrence Dane, Conrad Dunn, Katey Sagal, Aimée Castle, Kerry Duff, Natalie Higashi, Debra McGrath, Katherine Giaquinto, Janet Wright, Helen Davis, Catherine Black, Ken James, Lindsay Leese, Michelle Risi, Joe Pingue, Richard Blackburn, John Boylan, Jeff Clarke, Toni Ellwand, Jamie McRoberts, Tony Meyler, Marianne Moroney, Don Murray, Robbie Rox, John Vasilantonakis, Scott Wickware, Philip Williams.


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