Only a Buck (1987)


J Jordan is an eccentric TV news photographer who dreams of making his own and breaking into the big time. He buys his clothes in bales, sports a four day stubble with an attitude to match, and lives in a house full of outrageous gadgets. Full of heart, humor and off the wall hipness, ONLY A BUCK will warm the hearts and other organs of anyone who has ever wanted to quit the rat race and follow a dream.

Director: Gerry Cook.
Writer: Gerry Cook.
Stars: Charlie Schmidt, Sally Riddle, Don Moulton, Peter Hunrichs, Leroy Frengle, Lanita Grice, Mike Necci, Bruce “Utah” Phillips, Tom Gurkosky, Terry Steiner, James Boyd, Al Wetzel, Melody Deatherage, Larry Strawbridge, Bill Stanley, Louise Hansen, Joyce Caldwell, Coleen Cofa, Lisa Hunrichs, Wendy Cook, Patricia Moulton.


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