The Last Man to Hang (1956)


Sir Roderick Strood is on trial for the murder of his neurotic wife, Lady Daphne Strood, by means of a sedative overdose. However, he is perplexed to discover that his wife is in fact alive and well.

Director: Terence Fisher.
Writer: Ivor Montagu & Max Trell (screenplay), Gerald Bullett (novel), Gerald Bullett & Maurice Elvey (adaptation).
Stars: Tom Conway, Elizabeth Sellars, Eunice Gayson, Freda Jackson, Hugh Latimer, Ronald Simpson, Victor Maddern, Anthony Newley, Margaretta Scott, Leslie Weston, Martin Boddey, Joan Hickson, David Horne, Walter Hudd, Raymond Huntley, Harold Siddons, Olive Sloane, John Schlesinger, Gillian Lynne.


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