Ice House (1989)


Pake has left a good paying job working in the oil fields of Texas in order to give the music business a try. Eventually he finds himself alone and with no money in a hotel room in Los Angeles. He sets up a meeting with his old girlfriend Kay. When he meets her, she is with her fiancee. He is a Greek immigrant who desperately needs to marry Kay in order to become a permanent resident in this country. However his plans are in trouble because of Pake trying to convince Kay to go back to Texas with him and get married.

Director: Eagle Pennell.
Writer: Bo Brinkman (play), Bo Brinkman.
Stars: Melissa Gilbert, Bo Brinkman, Andreas Manolikakis, Lynn Miller, Buddy Quaid, Roger Dickerman, Nikki Letts, Hy Bice, Gary Binniker, Randy Harmon, Katie Wagner, Brenda Swanson.


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