Out of the Rain (1991)


Jack comes back to town for his brothers funeral and finds things have changed. His brothers suicide is a little suspicous and he begins to investigate. A developing relationship with his brothers girl and some eye-opening revalations about his fathers new business arrangements drive Jack to the edge.

Director: Gary Winick.
Writer: Shem Bitterman.
Stars: Michael O’Keefe, Bridget Fonda, John Seitz, Al Shannon, Mary Mara, Chris Nelson Norris, Kirk Baltz, William Duell, Georgine Hall, Michael Mantell, John E. O’Keefe, Kathleen Chalfant, Conrad McLaren, Pippa Pearthree.


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    • Jon W.
      January 6, 2021

      Not sure what you are talking about, Robert, streaming seems to be working, is it not for you?

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