Tau ban no hoi (1982) AKA Boat People


A Japanese reporter arrives in Vietnam hoping to capture the essence the society under the rule of the Communist Party. With the help of a vietnamese girl, he eventually opens his eyes to the painful truth of postwar Vietnam.

Director: Ann Hui. AKA Boat People.
Writer: Kang Chien Chiu (as Tai An-Ping Yau).
Stars: Jianzhou Cai, Tung-Sheng Chang, Gamhung Cheung, Shui-Chiu Gan, Hengbao Guo, Junyi Guo, Jialing Hao, Meiying Jia, George Lam, Andy Lau, Shujing Lin, Tao Lin, Season Ma, Pingmei Meng, Cora Miao,



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  1. Øivind Aas
    November 17, 2021

    “Boat people” will be released by The Criterion collection on DVD and blu-ray on february

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