Stork Bites Man (1947)


Ernie, manager of an apartment house that allows no children, finds himself evicted when his wife, Peg, becomes pregnant. With the help of an imaginary stork and a large department store, he institutes a boycott against the apartment house.

Director: Cy Endfield.
Writer: Cy Endfield, Fred Freiberger (adaptation), Louis Pollock (story).
Stars: Jackie Cooper, Meg Randall, Emory Parnell, Gus Schilling, Sarah Selby, Scott Elliott, Marjorie Beckett, Ralph Peters, Dave Willock, Stanley Prager.



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  1. james maguire
    June 14, 2021

    As always you impress and amaze! I love Charles DeLatour, er, Cy Endfield but have never even heard of this film. Thanks, as usual.

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