Spaghetti House (1982) [English dub]


Amiable Italian immigrant Domenico Ceccacci opens a restaurant in England with his British wife, Kathy, and a crew of fellow Italians. After a hard day of work, Domenico and his employees are kicking back when a trio of armed men enter and announce their intention to rob the restaurant. In no time, the police surround the place, but the crooks refuse to give up. Stuck in the restaurant together, the hostages and robbers develop an unusual bond.

Director: Giulio Paradisi.
Writers: Peter Barnes (screenplay), Peter Barnes (story), Agenore Incrocci (screenplay) (as Age), Agenore Incrocci (story) (as Age), Furio Scarpelli (screenplay) (as Scarpelli), Furio Scarpelli(story) (as Scarpelli).
Stars: Nino Manfredi, Rita Tushingham, Rudolph Walker, Leo Gullotta, Néstor Garay, Gino Pernice, Derek Martin, Renato Scarpa, Sandro Ghiani, Eddie Tagoe, Elvis Payne, John Woodvine, Ian Redford, Grazia Di Marzà, David Burke.


Note: Big, big thanks to my friend Steve for helping me get a copy of this film and digitizing it so that we can all enjoy it here.

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