Sept jours ailleurs (1969) AKA Seven Days Somewhere Else


A young composer is suffocating in his social and family life. He dreams of leaving and starting his life over somewhere else… Jacques goes on a tour of the provinces with a ballet troupe who dance to his music. They live in hotel rooms, train compartments, and dressing rooms where the excited dancers liven up the atmosphere. The girls, among themselves, describe their problems, experiences and hopes in their crude, colorful language. He falls madly in love with one dancer who is as distraught as he is. Maybe this is a way to find happiness again.

Director: Marin Karmitz. AKA Seven Days Somewhere Else.
Writers: Marin Karmitz, Catherine Martin.
Stars: Jacques Higelin, Catherine Martin, Michèle Moretti.

1968 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.



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One Comment

  1. Maurice Grizzard
    January 6, 2023

    This starts brilliantly with a rehearsal scene. After that, the director keeps his foot on the “tristesse” pedal a little too long.

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