Satin Rouge (2002) AKA Red Satin


After the death of her husband, Lilia’s life revolves solely around her teenage daughter, Salma. Whilst looking for Salma late one night, Lilia stumbles upon a belly dance cabaret and though initially reserved and taken aback by the culture of the place, Lilia gets consistently drawn back to it. She befriends one of the belly dancers and is encouraged into dancing for the audience. Lilia also starts a romance with one of the cabaret’s musicians, who unbeknown to both of them, is also romancing Salma.

Director: Raja Amari. AKA Red Satin.
Stars: Hiam Abbass, Maher Kamoun, Hend El Fahem, Monia Hichri, Faouzia Badr, Nadra Lamloum, Abou Moez El Fazaa, Salah Miled.


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