Nice Girls Don’t Explode (1987)


Young April has a sexual problem. Whenever she gets anything like passionate with a guy all sorts of things seem to spontaneously combust. The only men she meets more then once are firefighters. Actually, it’s Mom’s way of trying to keep her little girl to herself, but new boyfriend Andy is having none of such nonsense. So the heat’s on. Unfortunately it’s Fluffy the cat who keeps getting caught in the middle.

Director: Chuck Martinez.
Writer: Paul Harris.
Stars: Barbara Harris, Michelle Meyrink, William O’Leary, Wallace Shawn, James Nardini, Belinda Wells, Irwin Keyes, Margot Gray, Jonas Baughman, William Kuhlke, Johnnie ‘Mac’ McHaynes, Zachery ‘Zach’ Carey, Holmes Osborne, Peggy Freisen.



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  1. April 3, 2021

    surprisingly clever! plus a vivid and unusual perspective. i recommend.

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