La muralla verde (1969) AKA The Green Wall


The story of a young settler who tries to escape the bureaucracy of life in Lima with his wife and son by starting a farm in the Peruvian jungle, only to experience more problems and setbacks.

Director: Armando Robles Godoy. AKA The Green Wall.
Writer: Omar Aramayo (novel), Juan Cuadros.
Stars: Julio Alemán, Sandra Riva, Raúl Martin, Lorena Duval, Enrique Victoria, Jorge Montoro, Juan Bautista Font, Escolástico Dávila, Hernán Romero, Fernando Hilbeck, Alfredo Battilana, Jorge Castro, Jorge Castro, Alfredo Morales, Esteban Rengifo.

1970 Chicago International Film Festival – Winner of the Gold Hugo.



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