El regalo de Silvia (2003) AKA Silvia's Gift


Silvia, an adolescent, has made the most crucial decision in her life; to commit suicide. But before she does so, she makes it clear in her video-diary that she wishes to donate her organs. Carlos, a middle-aged man with uncertain work prospects and the responsibility of a family receives Silvia’s heart. Inés, blind from birth and cut off from the world around her receives her corneas, and Mateo, a lonely, misunderstood young man, her liver. Three anonymous people who receive Silvia’s gift, a new chance to live. What made Silvia take the decision to end her life? Why is this the solution she yearned for so much, the explanation to her existence and her freedom?

Director: Dionisio Pérez. AKA Silvia’s Gift
Writers: Dionisio Pérez, Pilar Gutiérrez, Miguel A. Gómez.
Stars: Bárbara Goenaga, Luis Tosar, Víctor Clavijo, Adriana Domínguez, María Bouzas, Pablo Galán, Katyna Huberman, Ginés García Millán, Miguel de Lira, Víctor Mosqueira, Nerea Piñeiro, Iria Pereira, Isabel Naveira, Marcos Orsi, Rosa Álvarez, Ernesto Chao, Fely Manzano, Rita Cássia.



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