Down Missouri Way (1946)


In this musical, agriculture professor Jane Colwell is seeking a quiet getaway when she takes her prized mule off to visit an Ozarks farming community. But upon arrival she is stunned to discover a film crew diligently at work on a new movie. Soon, Jane and her mule companion are swept up in the filmmaking frenzy. While the photogenic mule upstages the production’s human star, Jane finds herself falling for the feature’s dashing producer.

Director: Josef Berne.
Writer: Sam Neuman (original screenplay).
Stars: Martha O’Driscoll, John Carradine, Eddie Dean, William Wright, Roscoe Karns, Renee Godfrey, Mabel Todd, Eddie Craven, Chester Clute, Will Wright, Paul Scardon, Earle Hodgins, Tailor Maids, The Notables, Shirley.



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