Carlos contra el mundo (2002) AKA Carlos Against the World


This is the story of a twenty-five-year old man in a working-class district in Malaga whose family asks him to takes his father’s place on his death in other words they want him to become the father of the family. Carlos does not want to accept this role. So the only thing he can think of to get out of this situation is to lie. Carlos invents a job and each morning he puts on his father’s old suit and goes to this imaginary job. But to get the money his mother asks for he must add to the lie everyday. And the lie grows to such proportions that it becomes like a house of cards and it is just as flimsy.

Director: Chiqui Carabante. AKA Carlos Against the World
Writer: Chiqui Carabante.
Stars: Julián Villagrán, Victoria Mora, Juanma Lara, Silvia Rey, Manolo Solo, Práxedes Nieto, Agustín Maraver, Aixa Villagrán, Miguel Guardiola, Fanny de Castro, Mariano Peña, Carlos Doctor, Mati Flores, Jacobo Solís, Nicolás Solís.



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