Bowery Boy (1940)


Dr. Tom O’Hara takes over a public clinic in New York’s desperately poor Bowery section. Boy gangleader Sock Dolan resents Tom’s interference in moving Sock’s kid brother to a hospital, because Sock blames hospitals for his mother’s death. Sock helps racketeer J.R. Mason sell food to the clinic, unaware that Mason sells cheap and often tainted food. When a number of patients, including Sock’s brother, become ill from food poisoning, Sock is kidnapped by Mason to keep him silent. Dr. O’Hara must find a way to rescue Sock and stop Mason’s contamination of hospital food supplies.

Director: William Morgan.
Writers: Robert Chapin, Samuel Fuller (story), Harry Kronman, Eugene Solow, Sidney Sutherland (story).
Stars: Dennis O’Keefe, Louise Campbell, Jimmy Lydon, Helen Vinson, Roger Pryor, Paul Hurst, Edward Gargan, Selmer Jackson, Howard Hickman, John Kelly, Frederick Burton, Jack Carr.


Note: Many thanks to John H. for sending me a copy of this movie.

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