When No One Would Listen (1992)


Jessica Cochran is a wife and mother of two kids who must contend with Gary, her increasingly abusive husband. Unemployed and unhinged, Gary torments both Jessica and their children relentlessly and little can be done to curb his rage. Though she receives some support from an understanding boss and the head of a women’s shelter, it ultimately may not be enough to help Jessica escape her horrible situation.

Director: Armand Mastroianni.
Stars: Michele Lee, James Farentino, John Spencer, Lee Garlington, Anndi McAfee, Damion Stevens, Cameron Thor, Jill Tracy, Cicely Tyson, Dean Hill, David Farentino, Richard Penn, Ellen Crawford.


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  1. AJ
    October 11, 2022

    Very good movie. A true tragedy that sadly could have been prevented. Gary should have been locked up for killing that young mother in cold blood. I was enjoying watching Jessica’s relationship with Walter blossom 🙁 he was a good guy. Excellent acting from the whole cast

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