Stella (1950)


Stella is an out-of-left-field black comedy in which star Anne Sheridan is upstaged by an uproarious supporting cast. At a family picnic, a none too likeable uncle dies from accidentally eating poisoned mushrooms. The other family members don’t want to be accused of murder, so they leave it to the stupidest branch of the clan, personified by David Wayne and Frank Fontaine, to dispose of the body. When it is learned that Uncle had a hefty insurance policy, the family tries to palm off various corpses as the genuine article.

Director: Claude Binyon.
Stars: Ann Sheridan, Victor Mature, Leif Erickson, David Wayne, Randy Stuart, Marion Marshall, Frank Fontaine, Evelyn Varden, Lea Penman, Joyce Mackenzie, Hobart Cavanaugh.


Note: this very good quality copy comes from a French TV broadcast, it has embedded subtitles in French but the quality is much better than the other copy in circulation sourced from VHS. Never released on DVD.

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  1. Steven Burstein
    December 24, 2020

    I remember this from the DIALING FOR DOLLARS movie on Boston TV circa 1970. Even as a kid I thought it was kind of Avant Garde!

  2. Scot
    July 25, 2021

    This was really wonderful , loved the screwball nature of it. Very funny with terrific performances with great chemistry . Quite dark and odd. Thank You

  3. Marcia
    July 17, 2022

    Very pleasant comedy! And a really funny one!

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