Metti, una sera a cena (1969) AKA Love Circle


Actor Max and the rich maiden Giovanna often meet in the house of Michele, an arid writer, and his wife Nina, and talk about many things, but mostly about love. Giovanna is in love with Michele, while Nina betrays him with Max. To revive their relationship and make it more exciting, Max finds for Nina an exceptional and paid amateur, Rick, a rebel intellectual. It happens, however, that the young protester falls in love with her, to whom he declares, writes, telephones, until, desperate, he tries to kill himself.

Director: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. AKA Love Circle
Stars: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Florinda Bolkan, Lino Capolicchio, Tony Musante, Annie Girardot, Silvia Monti, Milly, Adriana Asti, Titina Maselli, Ferdinando Scarfiotti, Claudio Carrozza, Nora Ricci, Mariano Rigillo, Antonio Jaia.


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