Das Bekenntnis der Ina Kahr (1954) AKA The Confession of Ina Kahr


Told in flashback, the film recounts the events leading up to the killing of good-for-nothing Curt Jurgens. Warned by her friends and relatives that Jurgens is a bad job, impulsive Ina Kahr marries him anyway. His ceaseless philandering and abuse wears away at Ina to the point that she contemplates poisoning her husband…

Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst. AKA The Confession of Ina Kahr.
Stars: Curd Jürgens, Elisabeth Müller, Albert Lieven, Vera Molnar, Hanna Rucker, Margot Trooger, Ingmar Zeisberg, Hilde Körber, Friedrich Domin, Jester Naefe.


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